Fish silage technology

Blaastrom is our new system for sustainable fish silage. It is equipped with our powerful Ydra Terminator VRG 530 pump designed to make silage faster and more efficient. The capacity of the pump combined with double-edged stainless steel knives, turns huge amounts of biomass into particle free liquide faster than ever before.
Ydra has developed a solid system with a high degree of mobility making the most critical parts of the fish silage process automated.

By using powerful grinder pumps that are equipped with sharp double-edged knives in high quality industrial grade stainless steel the silage system can grind large amounts of biomass fast and efficient into particle free liquid without pre-grinding. The pumps are market leaders in terms of capacity.
With huge ambitions for Blaastrom, Ydra will continue to develop technology and automation further. Our vision is to be a catalyst for innovation in the ocean space and we plan to develop and launch a range of products going forward.Blaastrom can be equipped with different pumps depending on your needs. The Terminator pump, in addition to our K-serie, have for years been market leaders in their category and will play an important in the Blaastrom product range. Controll systems, tanks, control valves and automatic dosage of acids are being developed within the product range.
Blaastrom makes silage faster and more efficient, so that resources from the ocean can be reused. By increasing reuse, we contribute to better communities and companies in and around the ocean space increase the value of their products. Increasing efficiency of the silage process will contribute to more efficient processes in fish farms and fish companies.

An important advantage of the Blaastrom system is the automated acid dosage. Common practice is to do this manually with great risks of accidents. From a safety perspective automation is a far better solution. Wrong dosage will deteriorate quality and using too much acid might put a strain on the equipment.

From a sustainability perspective there are several reasons for companies to invest in a Blaastrom system. By turning waste into value in short time the system contributes to the circular economy in and around the ocean space. It reduces waste and increases the value of bi-products. The system improves safety for employees as more process are automated.