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Sustainable Solutions

Ydra is committed to innovative and sustainable solutions in the rapidly developing fishing and fish farm industries. With our newly developed Blaastrom-series, pumps for various uses and a dynamic service offering, Ydra is well positioned to advise and supply the industry at large.

Sustaining life

Grieg Seafood’s facility in Erfjord is the birthplace of one fifth of all farmed salmon in Norway. Pumps from Ydra provide the broodstock with all the oxygen, cooling, waste management and circulation they need.

Waterborne feeding

Seawater fish farming is energy intensive, but Akva Group has found a way to drastically reduce energy consumption. By switching from airborne feeding to waterborne  feeding from a feeding barge, the system cuts energy use by around 70% while tripling capacity, and pumps from Ydra make it happen.

Customised pump packages

Sometimes, standard equipment won’t cut it. Let us help you find your specific needs. Perhaps there are solutions you haven’t thought of.
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