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If you’re looking for a career that will challenge you and lift you to the next level, Ydra is the place for you. See our listed positions or submit a general application here

Our areas of focus

Best in and around the ocean space

Customized systems and high quality solutions

Technology of the future

Closer to our customers
- Geographically
- In response
- In knowledge

Our values

The way we do things always changes. We’ve renewed ourselves, learned to think outside the box, and we implement new technologies.  But our values remain the same.
Focus on development

We want to be the center of progress in our industry. That means focusing on developing people and their competence, our products, the technology we use and the way we run our organisation. Our culture makes room for experimentation, and we tolerate missteps here and there. By thinking new and through trial and error, we impel our industry forward.

Our customer is our colleague

Rapid response and a friendly tone is a given between colleagues. Close dialogue, follow-up and cooperation is natural to us, and helps us find the right solutions for our customers. There are no barriers between «our company» and «their company» — our customers are like our colleagues. By helping them, we help ourselves.

Full steam ahead

We’ve set healthy ambitions and lofty goals for ourselves. Obstacles will be thoroughly assessed, but won’t stop us. We are proud of our products and systems, and the way they help our customers move forward. An active sales organisation will help even more people and companies reap the benefits of our knowledge and expertise.

A part of Hatteland

Ydra is a part of Hatteland. Since 1971, Hatteland has made room for ideas to grow, evolve and move. We believe the recipe for innovation is simple, but the ingredients rare. The most important ingredient is people, and we look for those with talent, vision, and the will to follow through. Hatteland Group is home to more than 200 employees working out innovative solutions in different fields of business.