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The finest vessels deserve the finest pumps. Our vision is to be the best in and around the ocean space, through innovation, proximity to the market and continuous service.

Lydløs tjeneste

For korvettene i Sjøforsvaret er lydløshet og pålitelighet absolutte krav. Fartøyene i Skjold-klassen er alle utstyrt med pumpepakker fra Ydra, og nettopp derfor hører du dem ikke komme.

Greener seas

The «Ro Vision» is the world’s first hybrid live fish carrier, and was named Ship of the Year for 2020. It is equipped with centrifugal pumps supplied by Ydra, as is all of its seven sister ships. A fleet designed for greener seas.

Customised pump packages

Sometimes, standard equipment won’t cut it. Let us help you find your specific needs. Perhaps there are solutions you haven’t thought of.
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