Sustainable solutions

We develop solutions that help improve operations for our customers.
Our solutions are carefully crafted to be durable and last for a long time. Customised to customers’ needs, Ydra’s solutions contribute to more sustainable business, creating ripple effects for future generations.

How does Ydra interpret sustainability?

We have developed a sustainability report to elaborate on how we work and how we create solutions that last. The most important parts of this year’s report are our people, emissions from ongoing operations, and how we reduce negative influence on the environment. In the report you will get some of our thoughts on sustainability and the areas we focus on.
Download our Sustainability Reports
Built to Last Sustainability Report 2021
Built to Last Sustainability Report 2022
Built to Last Sustainability Report 2023

Our Code of Conduct

The will to create and the spirit of hard work and determination has brought us a long way. But our success depends as much on the trust of our employees, suppliers and customers. In all our relations we are committed to integrity and the highest ethical standards. Read more in our Code of conduct about expectations and requirements for ethical conduct.
Code of conduct (PDF)

Our focus areas

Great products and product development

We are proud to be a product-focused company. We develop smart solutions with our high-quality products. Our focus is always on how to develop more efficient and energy saving products. We offer servicing operations that we encourage our customers to use in order to expand product lifespan.

The ocean space

In Ydra, we know that a healthy ocean is crucial. We support sustainability initiatives and the development of the ocean as a source for food, energy and future progress. We will also play our part by developing durable products that optimize operations for our customers in and around the ocean space.

People and society

People are the most important factor when developing a sustainable business. We aim to educate and inspire our employees to do well for themselves, for our company and for society. Our employees can expect a work environment where making responsible decisions is an important part of the culture.